Darren Ives

Let's meet Darren through a short Q&A: 

1. Where are you located?

    I am located in Glasgow, Scotland. I grew up in the city of Bath but moved to Glasgow as part of my military career. 

2. What is your specialty?

    I paint minis and terrain. I have found that I am better at making and painting terrain than minis; it's just the way it is. It's still quite new to 3D printing, but it's certainly an aspect of the hobby that has huge potential.

3. Do you do commission work?

    Yes, I do commission's for friends only at mates rates. These tend to be very rare tough, as I have enough of my own projects to work on, as I'm sure everyone does and understands.

4. Why do you love painting minis?

    I find it very relaxing and really enjoy the final results. I like scratch building things, but adding in some 3D printed elements, or seeing what I can do if a Print fails, making it into a scenery piece, or feature. 

5. Tell us anything you like about yourself to get to know you better.

    I started this hobby in the early 90s, then took a small 30-year siesta. I took my son into a GW shop a few years back, and suddenly, I was hooked again, and my son just didn't bite.

6. How can we contact you? (insta handle, email, etc)

    I put most of my work on Instagram:


Darren Ives added a photo of their purchase

Darren Ives added a photo of their purchase

Darren Ives added a photo of their purchase

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