John Monaco (Modern Geek Gaming)

Let's meet John Monaco from Modern Geek Gaming through a short Q&A: 

1. Where are you located?

   You can find me online at I am physically located in Westchester, NY and occasionally host events with local gaming stores in the area.

2. What is your specialty?

    We offer a variety of services including single rpg minis, armies or terrain to make your table more dynamic. Finally, I do some custom model bashing and sculpting to make custom characters for the campaign or general for army.

3. Do you do commission work?

    Yes, you can find the details on my website, and I offer an array of services from basic painting, strong detail and custom styles/looks.

4. Why do you love painting minis?

    I love mini painting because it has always been a calming activity and an enjoyable one for my family from as early as my childhood. I can remember creating model kits and painting with my grandfather when I was a young child. I also always was a lover of mystical creatures and fantasy.  Dragons are my favorite models to paint.

5. Tell us anything you like about yourself to get to know you better.

    I have been a creative person from my childhood, have always loved to play games and enjoyed RPGs.  I have thoroughly enjoyed creating character in dnd and also many other gaming systems. Most recently, I have become fond of table top miniatures, some used for dnd and, of course, the mighty Orks from games workshop.

As an accomplished model painter, my love for art has been a foundation for my technique and style. Art always came naturally to me, whether through drawing, painting, or photography. In addition to my model commission work, I am also an indie comic book artist, having developed a few cereal strip stories which you can find on my patreon.

6. How can we contact you? (insta handle, email, etc)

    Instagram: vampmario
    Facebook : modern Geek comics






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