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Depthwalker - Lord of the Print - ideal for Dungeons and Dragons and other Tabletop RPGs/Wargaming/D&D

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Exceptional detailed depthwalker crouching or walking., which were created by Lord of the print and were acquired via the patreon subscription, acquiring the merchant ability to sell physical products of their designs. Size of the depthwalker is 113 mm long x 112 mm wide and 66 mm tall (crouch) and 180 mm long x 80 mm wide and 72 mm tall (walking) You can acquire them through their patreon page at or from myminifactory

Please make sure to select the variant you wish in the drop down. If you are unsure of which one you need to select please let us know.

We’re a UK based maker so international orders may take 5-6 days to arrive after date of dispatch. International parcels will be tracked, and a shipping number provided on request. All prints are resin based, to achieve maximum details as possible, are cleaned and cured by hand, while we do our best to make sure each mini is perfect like removing any resin residue but this is not always the case and minor flaws may be present, which are easily covered with a base coat of paint.